Life Mentoring

City of Refuge Dalton offers Education and Mentoring classes in the following areas:


Health/Fitness and Awareness

City of Refuge Dalton partners with the local Health Department to provide Health/Fitness and Awareness classes by certified volunteers.

Prenatal and Parenting Classes

Through prenatal and parenting classes we are able to educate parents and expectant mothers in areas that will enabled them to take appropriate care of themselves during the pregnancy and to be nurturing parents.

Budget and Finance

An independent financial facilitator meets with each family once a week to educate on household budgets, and implements an income and expenditures statement. Each participant completes a financial peace facilitated program while in the budget and finance training.

Dress for Success

This program exists to provide individuals currently unemployed and actively seeking employment. Each participant is provided with the tools and training to complete online applications, resume preparation, job skills training, and educated on proper interviewing etiquette.

No Child Left Behind

Partners with certified teachers to provide after-school tutoring and educational assistance for at risk or under grade level status students.



Family Mentoring (TNS – The Next Steps Program)

·          Identify the mentees strengths and abilities within each member of the household.

·         Provide assessment results

·         Set goals for family an individual accomplishments

·         Provide resources and support group to move not only the independent living, but a successful production life.

·         We do not settle for second best….we seek God’s best.