Transitional Housing – Provides temporary lodging for a period of six months for families with children who previously maintained independent housing, but due to loss of income are currently in a homeless state. Also, long term low cost transitional housing is available to individuals as the being working and transitioning back into society. Without this program families are at a higher risk of depleting the family unit or losing their children to state custody.

Shelter Plus Care – Provides independent living units for single chronically disabled homeless. Units are 1-bedroom, 1 bath, fully furnished apartments. At the current time City of refuge provides support and case management for 12 units.

Emergency Relief Shelter – City of Refuge maintains two emergency relief efficiency apartments for singles or couples at the 201 Bryant location.

Education and mentoring Classes:

  • Health/Fitness and Awareness –¬†Partners with the local Health Department to provide Health/Fitness and Awareness classes by certified volunteers.
  • Prenatal and Parenting Classes – Through prenatal and parenting classes we are able to educate parents and expectant mothers in areas that will enabled them to take appropriate care of themselves during the pregnancy and to be nurturing parents.
  • Budget and Finance – in independent financial facilitator meets with each family once a week to educate on household budgets, and implements an income and expenditures statement. Each participant completes a financial peace facilitated program while in the budget and finance training.
  • Dress for Success – This program exists to provide individuals currently unemployed and actively seeking employment. Each participant is provided with the tools and training to complete online applications, resume preparation, job skills training, and educated on proper interviewing etiquette.
  • No Child Left Behind – Partners with certified teachers to provide after-school tutoring and educational assistance for at risk or under grade level status students.

Youth Ministry – With partnership of a certified counselor and youth directory, City of Refuge provides an individual state of the art youth program for at risk teens served at the local facility

  • Once a week a special youth service is held specifically to meet the needs and demands of at risk teens within the local community.
  • Special youth events and outreach programs are conducted twice per month
  • Mentors are assigned to walk along side each teen registered within the program
  • Prevention and awareness programs are taught on teens in a age relevant way.

Family Mentoring (TNS – The Next Steps Program)

  • ¬†Identify the mentees strengths and abilities within each member of the household.
  • Provide assessment results
  • Set goals for family an individual accomplishments
  • Provide resources and support group to move not only the independent living, but a successful production life.
  • We do not settle for second best….we seek God’s best.

Hot Meal Feeding Program – Established in 1995 to provide free hot meals prepared onsite for the homeless and poverty level families. Approximately 400 hot meals are served each week. To-go meals are distributed to families referred by the local school systems.

Food Pantry – The food pantry was established in 1996 to provide free perishable and non-perishable food boxes for homeless, low income, and poverty level families and individuals on a monthly basis. The food pantry is certified by ServSafe and is lined to the Atlanta and Chattanooga food distribution systems

Clothing Closet – The clothing closet was established in 2008 to provide free clothing for individuals who qualified within the poverty guidelines. City of Refuge partners with all the local public and county schools to provide clothing for indigent children within the local area.

Hygienic Supplies РProvided for individuals who are unemployed or meet the poverty level guidelines. Families receiving food stamps also qualify for hygienic supplies

Shower Ministry – For homeless individuals living on the streets. This program provides a fresh change of clothing in addition to a goody bag with soap, shampoo, razor, shaving cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, etc.

Transportation – The City of Refuge provides transportation to its facility through van/bus services to the homeless “tent cities” and low income neighborhoods. The feeding program, food pantry, clothing closet, and transitional housing meet the basic needs of the disadvantaged in our communities and are the entry point into this ministry. Without proper transportation vehicles many would be in destitute situations with no assistance access.

DEO Medical Clinic – With the assistance of local doctors and nurses who volunteer their time, DEO provides minor medical treatment for uninsured individuals.

  • The clinic was established in 2005 and offers free medical exams, lab work, test results, prescription drugs, over the counter medicines and free dental care for uninsured families. The clinic is supported by volunteers consisting of 8 certified doctors, 21 nurses, 18 non-medical staff and 1 dentist. . The clinic is open Monday and Thursday afternoons.
  • The medical clinic success is due to the one-on-one personal care that is provided by our volunteers. It is family oriented and non-threatening. The doctors build relationships with their clients where they are treated with dignity regardless of their outer appearance. Doctors and staff go above and beyond to provide adequate medical treatment and monetary assistance for their patients.
  • Prescription Services – City of Refuge partners with local pharmacies to provide economical and discounted generic and non-generic prescription for poverty level individuals. Based on personal assessments and individual needs, City of Refuge provides prescription services as needed and as financial status permits.

It is the goal of this ministry to establish personal relationships with the individuals served to gain trust by meeting their basic needs through the various free physical assistance programs. To build upon our relationships with said individuals to foster an environment for learning and emotional growth through the participation in various programs offered.